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Most Sectors are in Short or in transction to short - review daily Cockpit Chart

Unique investing strategies - Based on VIX  

In the graph below: SPY profits and strong correlation to the SVXY LONG Strategy signals

The characteristics of the strategy include the following principles:

A relatively small number of trades - not daily trading

Exceptional yield over time

Independence from inside information, without communication and know-it-alls

Independence in financial performance and reports of companies

Independence in the market situation - rising or falling

Not something trivial - there has to be something beyond

  • In the end everything is built on supply and demand - be biased as supply and demand determine the price. We can not change that. But we researched and found something beyond that - which is not always visible to everyone and we were able to systematically harness it to our strategy - this is the relative advantage that others do not have

  • The strategy knows how to "contain" the periods of panic, correctly mark the direction and accordingly recommend purchasing the appropriate assets.

  • In addition - and no less important - knows how to schedule the purchase and sale correctly!


Our strategies respect everything written above - for more details

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