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Most Sectors are in Short or in transction to short - review daily Cockpit Chart

אסטרטגיות השקעה יחודיות מבוססות VIX

מבצע שנה טובה - הכרות למנויים חדשים  

UNIQUE VIX BASED Investing Strategies
In the graph below: SPY profits and strong correlation to the SVXY LONG Strategy signals

NEW - Daily Cockpit Chart

  • At a glance - everything you need to know about the US Stock market - not just for busy investors.

  • Every day, an updated file will be published on the site that includes:

  • Review of the market situation - general trend, momentum, money flow into and out of the market

  • Trading Cycle - Is it compatible with the market general trend ?  are we in the direction of Long or Short positions ?

  • Main Sectors - Top 10 Sectors That Compose the Full Market Image - Which ones are Long and which ones are Short?

  • Volatility - the VIX Fear Index and what it reveals about the market  sentiment 

  • Events for the upcoming trading day - financial statements, FED events, publictions and more - can also be opened at the following link:

  • Available for any question -

What exactly drive the market upward and who is not making any benefit out of it. 


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